5 Mistakes That Can Affect your E-commerce Business

Creating an e-commerce business has never been easier. With so many tools available now, it is very easy to create an e-commerce store that can compete with the established marketplaces. However, easy availability comes with a price. Many people make mistakes that can hurt your e-commerce business.

1. Poor customer service

Customer service is very important in e-commerce, just like the traditional stores. You should have good customer service so that customers can easily get answers to their questions or can get feedback. Your payment options must be flexible and have easy refund policies.

2. Insufficient information about product

You should describe your products elaborately. You must include all the features of your products or services so that the prospective customers can have a good picture in their mind. This will help them to make their purchase decision quickly.

3. Poor product pictures

As the customers will be buying your products without actually seeing it or feeling it, you should have very high-quality pictures of your products on your website. You should have zoom features so that the customers can view the products properly. If possible, you should have pictures of your products from various angles.

4. Complex and lengthy check-out process

You shouldn’t make your check-out process to complicated or lengthy. The customers may change their purchase decision if they find this process to be complex. You should try to limit your check-out process within a single page.

5. Not providing shipping options

You should offer various shipping options to your customers. You can vary the period and price of shipping. For example, you can have express delivery service of same day delivery or normal delivery period of 3 days.

Many e-commerce sites make these mistakes and drive customers away from their sites. If you are developing an e-commerce site, you should avoid making these mistakes.