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February 07, 2012


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Inspiring post. Driving to my office in Old Town from Annandale took 45 minutes of stop and go traffic (if I was lucky). By bicycle it took me an hour through quiet neighborhoods and along the river. The early morning rides and "mental decompression" benefits were invaluable. My office also provided showers and bike storage facilities to encourage cycling commuters.


Like Kathy, I'm another person who started with CaBi (after a decade away from bikes) and within six months, bought my own bike, and now commute by bike 4 days a week for a total of 30-40 miles.

Since I started doing it, I've had a number of people ask about it, any have inspired at least a few part-time commuters, who just might turn into full-timers.


Inspiring post indeed!

Not sure if you've seen this paper with lessons from Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands:

To make cycling irresistible to a wide variety of groups, it recommends "provision of separate cycling facilities along heavily traveled roads and at intersections, combined with extensive traffic calming of residential neighborhoods." Here is a visual illustration of these ideas:

Best of luck incorporating those strategies into your projects!

Allen Muchnick

Thanks for the inspiring story which well illustrates the first principle of bicycling advocacy: ride your bike!


Great story; impressive commute. I started out riding Capital Bikeshare for my commute but quickly decided that getting my own bike was a better long-term proposition. Now I bike everywhere and am loving it. I expect there are lots more people like me out there that have migrated from CaBi to their own bikes (though I still use CaBi for one way trips on occasion).

More butts on bikes means more advocacy for better biking infrastructure. Keeping my fingers crossed....

Chris Craig.

Great post, JE!

Janet Urman

How inspiring! Way to go!

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