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February 06, 2012


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Chris Hamilton

Hi Allen -
We get two kinds of sponsorship. Capital and operating. So we only include the "operating" sponsorship monies int the operating revenues.
In our initial rollout the Crystal City bid contributed $200,000 towards capital. The FAST (Potomac Yard) TMA also bought one station. Neither of those is calculated in the revenues for year 1. Does that answer your question?

Chris Hamilton

Daniel -
You're right. And we've changed the article accordingly. Just because other people do it that way doesn't mean it is correct. Thanks for pointing that out.
Chris Hamilton
Arlington County Commuter Services Bureau Chief

Allen Muchnick

Is it fully appropriate to include sponsorships in the operating income? How much of the sponsorship income offsets operating vs capital costs?

If sponsorship income is excluded, what is the operating cost recovery rate?

Daniel Schreiber

Why do you not include marketing and management expenses when calculating the cost recovery rate? Don't they cost real money!?

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