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January 12, 2012


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What's the definition of "grocery store"? Glebe Market, at N Pershing Dr and N Glebe Rd is not there.

Allen Muchnick

I truly appreciate the new guide and this blog post, but "ultimate" is a misnomer. "First ever" would characterize this guide much better.

Furthermore, this guide suffers from not being presented in a blog format that would facilitate constructive reader feedback.

For example, I disagree somewhat with the bike parking ratings. Specifically, "wave" or "ribbon" rack designs are highly unsuitable for grocery store bike parking and should be rated no higher than 2, not a 3. Also, regardless of rack design, bike racks installed too close to a wall or other obstacle to properly lock multiple bikes should be rated a 1 for design.

Finally, metal barriers near supermarket entrances which are not official bike racks but are functionally adequate and very conveniently located should be considered fully acceptable bike parking, as long as parked bikes are welcome there and do not obstruct walkways.

Thanks again for this guide, but let's strive for further improvements.

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