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December 10, 2011


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Allen Muchnick

The existing bridge accommodates bicyclists quite adequately with four ordinary travel lanes and a relatively low speed limit. Thus, it's not true that the current bridge has "no accommodation for cyclists".

One could accurately state that the existing bridge has no *special* accommodation for cyclists, but whether bike lanes are truly needed or would provide any significant benefit is another matter entirely.

I'm not opposed to these particular bike lanes, but I don't think they make much of a difference either way. OTOH, the wider sidewalks are very much needed, and without the bike lanes, these sidewalks could be substantially wider.

Most Arlington roadways should be designed and operated so that bike lanes are rarely necessary.

Ian Cooper

Studies have shown bike lanes like this increase bicycle-automobile collisions by a factor of at least 2. What provisions have been made on this bridge design to prevent these conflicts? Are there underpasses or overpasses for the bike lane at the intersections at each end? Or does this design present the same old dangers (right hooks and left crosses) that the Department of Transportation has managed to avoid confronting for decades?

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