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December 22, 2011


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Check out this video...

His honorable Jim Dear speaks with Melissa McGinnis from Greenopolis TV about the 1000th trash truck to be ran off of liquefied natural gas, which services his community of Carson California. This momentous effort helps to keep the air clean by reducing green house gases and carbon, since the harvested gas from landfills burns at a much cleaner rate than regular diesel gas.


Do they also track average vehicle miles/year? With services proliferating in many DC neighborhoods and numerous newcomers being more urban-oriented (walking/biking/taking transit over driving for many trips), I wouldn't be surprised if putting fewer miles on the car was more of a factor in the decision to not replace a car than financials (I have put fewer and fewer miles on my car each year since moving to DC, and it simply wouldn't make sense to get a new one when I'm only putting 2000 or so miles a year on a car with barely over 50,000 miles on it right now). A 9 year old model still won't be as environmentally friendly as a new model, but I bet that's more than made up for in a reduction in vehicle miles. I think they mark the mileage of my car down when I get it inspected, so they should have this information...


It's not just the cost of the new car itself that is probably a deterrent, but in Virginia, at least, I know that I am holding off on buying a new car because I don't want to incur higher vehicle taxes every year. If Virginia wants to clean the air, they should consider eliminating the yearly tax on automobiles based on the vehicle's value.

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