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November 17, 2011


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Sorry for the confusion - BikeArlington has 3 employees, not 14...there were 14 people who attended the LCI training seminar.

Rick LCI #3009

Congratulations to all of the new LCI's.

Allen Muchnick

Congratulations! Now that all BikeArlington staff are bicycle-driving instructors, perhaps you can apply your marketing expertise to convince hundreds--if not thousands--of Arlingtonians EACH YEAR to attend bicycle-driving classes--especially when the student's primary motivation is NOT to receive LCI certification.


Where does it say BikeArlington has 14 employees? If you don't combine the first half of the first sentence of each paragraph, it reads as if (a) the BikeArlington staff attended the course and (b) a total of 14 people from a number of places attended the course.


BikeArlington has 14 employees? Really? No, really, you are kidding. What do they do?

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