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October 17, 2011


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Also noticed that the most recently posted signs have barcodes on the back, which I presume can aid in tracking.


Abandoned signs are far more common than you think. For instance, there are a number of US 29 signs scattered throughout various places in DC where US 29 no longer serves (Dupont Circle has one for instance).

I know for instance there *is* one more Dulles Airport sign on Little River Turnpike in Annandale, just beyond Columbia Pike and Annandale Road before I-495. I figure those signs do no harm, given VA-236 is several miles to the south of both I-66 and the Dulles Toll Road at that point, and that if you continue straight on 236 and then 50, you will reach VA-28 whose destination for the northbound direction is Dulles Airport.

"Perhaps every sign should have information on the back of it that tells who owns the sign and who is responsible for it, as well as contact information. At least that way someone could try to follow up and notify the owner if it gets damaged or becomes obsolete."

Signs like that (or at least the recent variety) do have that information on the back, though it is simply typed paper affixed to it via adhesive.

Todd Todd

no kidding! did not know this. thanks for the research T, D & J.


HOV access on I-66 is available to anyone who has business at Dulles Airport. This includes personal travel as well as picking up passengers to and from the airport. According to VDOT's own studies regarding HOV enforcement, it is nearly impossible to enforce efficiently as there are numerous loopholes for who can and cannot use the HOV lanes. Besides those special hybrid license plates, personal vehicles for the police are also allowed as long as they are commuting to or from work. The HOV-3 lane outside the beltway is also for airport traffic.


That's great for those traveling on business...but not for personal travel? ;-) Clearly that's not what they meant, but that's what it says.


I'd like to claim the bonus points offered by Thomas. Here's what I found on VDOT's website under HOV FAQs:
2. Motorists traveling to and from Dulles International Airport on business are permitted to use I-66 inside the Beltway during HOV hours.
Here's the link:


According to this page, I-66 is open to all vehicles using the airport, regardless of vehicle occupancy. Bonus points to someone that can find something more official from VDOT or the State Police.

Todd Todd

Dulles Airport is a 24 hour facility. I-66 is not a 24 hour facility for single occupancy vehicles.


Look on the back of any modern stop sign and you'll see a label with punch outs showing which month and year it was installed.

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