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June 27, 2011


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Terrible idea. And radical left wing too.


Why can't we have room for pedestrians, cars, and bikes? This makes no sense in this area - European streets and neighborhoods are very different to ours.

What about the eldery or the handicapped who simply cannot walk, take public transportation or bike? How will they get around town?

Honestly, I can't remember seeing handicapped Europeans out and about their towns?

My husband has MS and cannot walk - so he cannot walk, bike or take a bus. If he isn't allowed to drive (and trust me LOTS of people will be in this situation - pregnant women, parents with several children, eldery, blind folks, for example) Arlington Co will lose money from these folks because they will conduct businesss outside the county.

No way my husband will go to a store in Arlington Co when he can drive out to other counties.

What a totally silly idea!!!

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