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May 18, 2011


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Sure, also, as someone else noted, there is also a new one at N. Scott and Lee Hwy.

bob thomson

Wow, you bicyclists are an expensive cancer on our roadways. You want bike lanes, bike signals... what next, special bike-only ferries to get you across raging streams?

Steve O

Thanks, Drew. I fixed it.


This light is at N. Oak and Lee Hwy., not N. Quinn. I live in the apartments adjacent to it.

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Arlington County has installed a bike-only signal in the Rosslyn area of the Custis Trail at the corner of N. Quinn Street and Lee Highway, which went into service on Tuesday, May 17. This is one of the intersections on the "Rosslyn Hill" section of the Custis that includes several crossings. There have been collisions at some of these crossings in the past. This area is definitely the most dangerous section of the Custis Trail.

Steve O

Corrected the photo captions. Thanks, Mike H.

Michael H.

Aren't the north/south labels reversed for the photos?


How much did these lights (On quinn and scott) cost?

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Its a good thing that the authorities there have installed the New bike signal on Custis Trail....thanks to you Steve for this informative information...

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