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May 23, 2011


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You're totally right about the fun! I bought a bike last summer after having not been on a bike since high school, and I couldn't believe how fun it is! I wanted to start biking because I just hated going to the gym so much, so I figured I might as well do something productive while exercising, like commuting or running errands. But I had no idea it would be fun!


Great write-up. I'm going to pass it along to other moms. I did participate in BTWD, but I already bicycle daily anyway. Yesterday I rode 3 miles to Ballston to pick up a load of bagels and food for an event. My bf suggested I was a fool not to drive given all I would be carting. However, with Taste of Arlington closing down Ballston to drivers, I was rewarded for having bicycled as is so often the case.

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