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December 20, 2010


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Phil S

Remember to check inside for a dirty car, signs of smoking or even pet hair. If any signs, report the car dirty at the start of your reservation to be sure not to receive a subsequent report against you for the previous driver's mess.

Christopher Todd ~ Happy Zipster SF

Tip: You can open the door while in the car and tag from the inside to lock the car, if it's raining out or like me I just want to sit and listen to that last song before me Zip time is avoid a late fee.

Tip: DEAD BATTERY Be aware of playing the radio without the engine on. If this does happen to you...a 'dead battery' will start up again, in my experience, if you wait 20 min. ZIP out and ZIP in with the card. The car should start again.

Tip: Turn off the engine if you want to use the TRUNK OPEN button on the key.

Tip: Some gas station pumps don't recognize the ZIP card process...bring the card to the attendant and that should work on their machine.

Tip: When you walk around for the car for damage, note where the tank is for easy landing at the gas stations.

Tip: Get full no deductible damage coverage for $95.00 at the time I did it.

Tip: Read the notes for each ZIP car...some have push button start, manual and automatic mode and other details for each car.

Electric guitar

After being a member, users receive a Zipcard (even if Internet exclusively via the Internet or using a mobile phone). Zipcar site will show the location of vehicles available to any district or designated area, and users can reserve by time, price, location or model of car. Reservations can be made in advance or for immediate use, and hours or days.


Great tips! I've been a member from Flexcar through now too, and I just have one more thing to add about forgetting stuff. You have 3 additional hours only if no one else opens the car, including the cleaning crew. I left my phone in the cup holders and when I went back, the cleaners had already come by and taken the phone for the Lost & Found. I eventually got it back, but it took a week. But the guys at the office were fantastic about following through to get it back for me!

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