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December 10, 2010


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Anne Factor

Hi Steve,
Thank you for your feedback. Without a doubt, the DC area is fast becoming a more bike-friendly city, as documented in a recent Washington Post article (, and Capital Bikeshare has been an overwhelming success, earning attention both nationally and internationally. People are definitely taking notice and biking is, indeed, becoming more mainstream.
Our goal here at goDCgo is to let people know about other modes of transportation that are available to them, including biking, walking, MetroBus and MetroRail, DC Circulator, carpooling and vanpooling among others. We aim to inform people who may be unaware of these options and to persuade those who know but continue to drive alone for a variety of reasons. If you look back through our blogs, you’ll see that an effort to convince people to make changes in their transportation choices is a common theme, and we discuss a variety of ways to travel that do not involve a car. So the term “alternative” is always used in a context which is meant to imply an alternative to car travel. Sometimes that context is made explicit, and sometimes we assume that people know. We apologize for not making that clear in this case; we should never make such assumptions.
Thanks again for pointing it out. We will definitely be more careful in the future to choose our words!

Steve O

Why is riding a bike considered an "alternative" mode of transportation? I don't like that term, because it implies that riding a bike is somehow odd or out of the mainstream, like "alternative lifestyle" or something.

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