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October 26, 2010


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Paul DeMaio

Allen, I respectfully disagree. Car ownership in these cities was low after WWII. As car ownership increased in the decades following, due to its appealing comfort, these cities have been creative to better serve the bicycle and encourage its use. Cycle tracks are one invention to do this.

There has been a substantive increase in cycling in the DC area over the past few years. What do you see being the cause(s) of this? Do you believe more and better cycle infrastructure has played a part in this? If so, wouldn't cycle tracks do the same?

Allen Muchnick

Bicycling in Amsterdam and Copenhagen was much more prevalent in the 1950s, when bikeways in these cities were largely nonexistent. There is little credible evidence that establishing segregated bikeways in these cities is primarily responsible for their current bike mode shares.

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