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October 01, 2010


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Popular places like Dupon circle really need more than one station (one on each side). Hopefully the system wins the grant money and can fill in stations. Nobody likes walking 3 blocks because their station is full or empty....nor should they.


I tried out a bike over the weekend, just for fun and to see how well the system worked, and enjoyed it. I rode from McPherson Square up to U Street. But I had a similar problem locating the station to drop the bike off at - unless you know exactly what corner its on, a CaBi station is relatively inconspicuous, especially if most or all of the bikes are checked out. I would suggest that they adopt some sort of visible marker system, uniform for all the stations - like the orange poles Zipcar uses, or the brown Metro pylons.

Steve O

Of course not!! That's the advantage of riding these fantastic bikes.

In fact, I sped at more than 35 mph for most of the trip and rode through the lobby of a building after smashing through the glass window. At the intersections I leaped through the air over the cars to get to the front of the line and then waited for the lights to turn red just so I could run them. Yee haw!!!

I did signal my turns, though.

xxx xxxxxxx

Did you obey *all* of the traffic laws? Somehow, I doubt it.

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