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August 10, 2010


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I ride my electric bike on the excessively hot days. It really helps keep the sweat down and it's fun to ride.


Some good tips in here. If more people would bike commute lots of CO2 could be safe, and the average health could be improved.

(One thing I would like to point out is that in Europe, you often see people commute on the bike wearing their work clothes. And that doesn't mean they smell later in the day, they take some more time for the commute on a warm day. I don't get this flouresent clothing and high speed bike trend in commuting... )

I have been taking the bike to school/work for several years, and never bothered with many of the preparation you often see on american commute pages. In my not so humble opinion you only need a bike and helmet, and some bag/basket for all the stuff... If you take your time you don't get too sweaty... But the hydration/shade tips were nice, haven't thought of those


These are all very good tips. Using a rack bag instead of a backpack is critical for me. Backpacks in this heat can make the ride unbearable. In the winter, though, backpacks work just fine.

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