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August 03, 2009


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When I was in high school, part of our health class required that we take on a 'disability' for a day (or maybe it was a week). Blindness, deafness, wheelchair use, etc. You were then 'equipped' with that disability--ear plugs, glasses/blindfold, or wheelchair (there were other options too). I did wheelchair, as I always wondered what it would be like. I was in a 2 story high school and it gave me a completely different perspective and certainly changed how I interacted with people in wheelchairs.
Also, the National Center on Accessibility has some great classes for professionals that likewise taught me how to better interact with those with disabilities (and how to design the built environment better)--insight into what persons with disabilities experience and as you mention how to interact and be of help (when desired) to those in wheelchairs--like always asking first, which sounds simple but apparently people don't always ask how and if they can help.

Look forward to reading future posts of yours on your experiences around town.

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