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January 08, 2009


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The Ft. Myer website indicates that Ft. Myer is will be on "limited access" status on Jan. 20. Only residents and essential personnel allowed on post.

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Lauren Hassel

We'll check with Fort Myer Public Affairs on Monday to find out whether walkers will be allowed access on Inauguration Day. GoogleMaps is sending folks through the Fort to Memorial Bridge but that doesn't mean Fort Myer is permitting walkers. Stay tuned for an update on this and confirmation on sidepath access for walkers on the 14th Street and Roosevelt Bridges.


Correction: I just learned that all the bridges will be open to bikes and pedestrians: the sidepaths on Key, TR and 14th; the whole road on Memorial.


I think it is absurd that they are closing the 14th St. and Roosevelt bridges to pedestrians. What is the point of that? I would love for the Secret Service to answer the question "Why?" for virtually everything it does. "Why?"

The valet bike parking is at the Jefferson Memorial, which is right off the 14th St. bridge access point--the perfect spot if the bridge were available. But no--you have to fight through whatever crowds are around the Lincoln and then wend your way around the tidal basin to get to the valet parking.

At the very least they should open the bridge to outbound bike traffic after the ceremony.


Do you know whether pedestrians and/or bicyclists will be allowed to go through Ft. Myer? For many of us, that's the shortest route to Memorial Bridge.

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