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October 23, 2008


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Allen Muchnick

Before seeking to emulate traffic experiments conducted elsewhere, Arlington County should demonstrate competence with such basics as:

1) Adopt and follow a written policy to adjust (or modify) existing roadway traffic-signal loop detectors to detect waiting bicyclists, at least in response to a legitimate complaint.

2) Adopt and follow written guidelines for properly installing bike lanes, adjacent parking lanes, and shared-use bicycle lane markings to DO NOT direct bicyclists to ride within the door zone of parked vehicles, pass right-turning vehicles on their right near intersections, and/or ride at the ride edge of non-shareable "shared" travel lanes that are not wide enough to safely share with an overtaking auto.

3) Meet the clear performance measure in the recently adopted Arlington Master Transportation Plan Bicycle Element to COMPLETE at least five bicycle transportation projects from that plan each year, compared to the ZERO significant trail projects that the County has completed since the previous Arlington Bicycle Transportation Plan was adopted in April 1994.

4) Install useful directional signs on the major shared-use trails within the County, especially at trail junctions and street crossings.

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