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August 22, 2008


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Greg Cantori

The Bay continues to decline, obesity rates are skyrocketing, air and noise pollution are trademarks of car use, and just in case we forget, cars are the number one killer of all young people age 1-33 years old.

If we do our work effectively as a people and government, the necessary decreases in car use statewide should compensate any need to expand our highway system. We simply need to better maintain what we already have and increase biking, walking, carpooling, car sharing, telecommuting, flex working and mass transit. Come on people - where's our creativity and leadership on this?


I'm very dismayed about the cutting out of much of the ICC path. But remember that a huge amount of the blame falls squarely on the state, from its Record of Decision a couple years ago. The county's role is now about whether to build the trail through parkland, which is the one area where it has the ability to make changes to the path route (the state didn't leave any room for the path in other areas, for example under overpasses). Also, the county Planning Board seems more willing to allow the path in some park areas now that path supporters have clarified what is needed. Stay tuned.


The increased security is definitely not a typical feature of construction sites. The Wilson Bridge construction site (on the VA side, though, not MD) has a bike trail going through it (which I commute on every day), and multiple places where someone could just wander in. It has been that way for the past two years, although they were a bit tighter about locking the fences at night during the height of the construction when there were lots of raw materials (and explosives for demolishing the old spans) lying around.

@BeyondDC: One solution is to issue the development permits with the condition that the developer provides some funding to increase the capacity of the schools proportionally - maybe not all of it, but at least some support. It would increase the value of the property they're building on, so it seems like a good investment to me.


I agree; the ICC deal is rotten.

But I want to comment on the school thing. What's the alternative? Stop development and send all those kids out to more rural counties where there are even fewer schools, and where the spread-out population is even more expensive to serve with infrastructure? No; the only responsible action is to take on more development where development already exists. NIMBYism does not work in government.

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