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August 07, 2008


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It is true I lived in Moscow for 2 years which has one of the lager metro systems in the world. there were delays but most of the time even with delays it was still faster than trying to drive around that crowded city. I wish I could still ride the metro!

-Chad C.

Metro Man

Good read Kristin.

I think the duration of ones metro commute has a huge influence on personal views though. Being on metro for "under 10 minutes" yields a huge difference than being on metro for 52 minutes (my average commute time).

The pay per distance system currently in place is great for a commute like yours. I, on the other hand, would obviously be in favor of a flat fee (as mentioned above by BeachBum)...assuming said fee was less than $4.50 of course! :)

I agree in viewing the metro system as being simple. I still see a lot of people who get confused. I personally dont see why/how though! People apparently lack map reading skills.

As far as metro being depends. In the morning, at the beginning of the line, yeah. Otherwise, its really hit or miss. There are a lot of inconsiderate commuters. Express newspapaers left all over the place (, starbucks cups (

I do agree with the smart trip card being great though!

Thanks for the read!

Beach Bum

I much prefer the flat rate idea, since when you get that, you can buy weekly and monthly passes -- the metro now doesn't allow you to do that. I much rather have the $2 flat fee in NYC, or $80 "all you can ride" a month.

Also, here you have to swipe your card at the exit, oh my god, sometimes takes forever to be able to leave the station with the back up of people.

Also, not even allowing water on the metro is ridiculous.

I never rode the T, but you can't possibly be comparing the metro to the NYC subway and thinking it's better (runs 24 hours a day! It takes you ANYWHERE in the city! Runs much more frequently! Downtown/Uptown system is so easy to figure out which train to catch! There are express trains!).

For those reasons, I avoid the metro as much as I can. I either bike or take the bus to work, and when I go out, I drive. I rather keep track of my beer intake than having to wait 30 minutes at a metro station.


You're right, Kristin. It's not as if there are never delays or inconveniences when people drive -- it's just that it's harder to figure out who to blame. Still, maybe it's a good idea to stay on Metro's case to keep them on their toes.

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