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June 06, 2008


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About Policies: I've thought for a long time, that we could institute a tax based on the weight and shipping distance of...everything we purchase. This could serve as a fair energy tax, a fair tariff, and as a funding source for the maintenance needs and or upgrades of our current infrastructure. Over time such a tax could encourage us to consume responsibly from our neighbors(ourselves), aid the US Gross Domestic Product. A fairly distributed tax could open up renewable energy economies(are conduits(wind/solar electricity, hydrogen, biogasses, are they heavy?) cheaper than tractor trailers/trains? and reform our out and back supply structure(s), eg. much of my food comes from a box in Ohio, and I eat it in Colorado. Is this a bad idea, not effective? In capitalism, everything is controlled by economics. I think it is important for our policies to be swiftly implemented, and support a gradual change. If we lose patience, I fear the lobbyists will take over and monopolies will erupt, and change will again be dictated by corporations, and not reasonable personal consumer decisions.

Jeff Henning

Nice article Howard, well put!

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