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February 28, 2008


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Brandy Ruth/Raleigh VIP Club

Your bike looks so classic unlike my light Schwinn bike that I think is made of titanium? I've yet to figure out which gears are best at what times... i agree it's better to have fewer gears. It's like golf to an amateur. The fewer the clubs, the better!

Johann Kuester

I found a 'one' dollar three speed in a discard trailer at the local thrift shop a week ago. It's an old, American made, 24" frame ROSS with lugged frame, side pull brakes, rack, fenders and speedo, witch is broken and will be discarded. Seat, seat-post, stem and handlebars will be replaced with aluminum components,(even though the stem is aluminum, it is of a suicide design and prone to breaking when you least expect it.) I'm going to paint it glossy Jet-Black, including the chrome fenders and rack that are nothing but brown rust at the moment. The pitting is too deep to save the chrome. It'll take on a more classic look, painted, and with aluminum rims and some Swiss made DT double butted spokes, will be a lot livelier than the original bike. I'm so glad I found this ROSS because I won't have to feel guilty about changing out a lot of the components on say an old Raleigh. I don't know if I could do that as they are simply to sweet and classic to mess with other than fixing them. Happy trails.


Rob, Kenda and Tioga put out some pretty decent tires for the old Raleighs (I have 10 bikes, I think,in my basement) Make sure they are sized to fit the Raleigh rims. Also, check out Sheldon Brown (R.I.P)on the net. He was a bike mechanic in Boston, and wrote many articles on SA hubs. That's where I got my start. Good luck to you. Moonman


Did you ever find a rack for the back of the bike? I am looking for one also to install on a 69 DH1 with rod brakes

Rob Lacey

Rob here with an update on my June 9 posting. The Murray was a dud, cheap pressed steel so I donated it to the local Goodwill and later via Craigslist found an old 73 Raleigh Sports. Tires were bad but the frame is o.k and there is an original bell and headlight with stock rack on the back too. I ordered a Brooks Aged B67 to replace the worn out saddle and now need to decide what kind of tires to put on it. Have thought of Schwalbe super marathon but they are almost $50 each and need special tubes.

This is my first project 3 speed. This should be interesting! Rob

Vintage-bicycle Mike

Sure, steel is fine - if it is good quality: a steel-lugged frame, to be exact. Those cheap welded steel frames weigh about a ton and make for a clumsy bike.

A steel-lugged frame is made of very thin, top quality parts which are soldered (not welded) together.

Rob Lacey

Hi, Nice Raleigh there. I grew up in England when 3 speeds were king, that was in the fifties and sixties. In the eighties I found a seventies Raleigh Sports gents 3 speed at the Salvation Army Store in Walla Walla Wa. It cost me 35 bucks and was the best bike I ever owned. It was a bronze brown collar with a nicely broken in super comfy Brooks saddle. Unfortunately I ended up wrecking the bike since I tried to realign the wheels by tightening the spokes! Bad move! Prior to that the saddle was stolen off the bike and replaced by a K mart special. I was devastated! Wish I still had that nifty bike. I keep looking. found a seventies vintage Murray womans three speed for my wife for $15 today at a neighbours yard sale. I don't think it's
English, but maybe it has some English components. I think the 3 spd is Shimano. Anyway,long live the English 3 spd! Rob


Nice! I just picked-up a Raleigh DL-1 Tourist, and I am beginning to get an appreciation for these bikes. Can you tell me where you ordered the vintage racks from?

Joey Mac

I agree! I just picked up a '67 Western Flyer 3-speed with a genuine english lightweight frame and north road bars. It's a beaut, and fun to ride, turns heads.


An update on the ducks. They're actually herons both on the chainring and front badge. The heron was part of the family shield of the original owner of Raleigh Bicycles - Sir Francis Bowden of Nottingham, England.

Hey Fritz. Actually not "my" bike shop - just one I had not yet visited in the area. I tend to stay away from most since their philosophy is to sell you a mainstream bike. I didn't know that about TREK and it's good to see steel back on the market. I personally like the ride much better than say aluminum. Still, the majority wouldn't buy steel nor is the market dominated by it. Thanks for the comment!


Your bike shop needs to get with the times. Steel is back in a big way in the entire bike industry. Trek will have a steel 3 speed out in a week or two; I'm sure Specialized and Giant will have something later this year; all of the 2nd tier players and smaller vendors have had steel bikes out for at least a year and they're selling like hot cakes.

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